10 High-Quality Stock Photo Model Sites for Book Cover Design

Last Updated: March 5, 2022

Creating a genre-specific book cover can be a challenge without the right models to get the job done. A historical fiction novel featuring a young princess of the medieval era, or an urban fantasy novel featuring a leather-clad vampire hunter, for example, are not typical finds on your average big-name stock image provider. Thankfully, due to the great companies and photographers listed below, you will find several affordable, high-quality options for stock models to use in your next book cover design.

NeoStock Stock Photo Models for Book Covers


NeoStock has become a prominent, consistent stock model provider within the book cover design community. Featuring diverse male and female models spanning genres such as fantasy, urban fantasy, historical, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, horror, thriller, action, and contemporary fiction, you are very likely to find the right model for your project.

The Stock Alchemist Stock Photo Models for Book Covers

The Stock Alchemist

The Stock Alchemist has a variety of interesting, high-quality models for a variety of modern fiction genres. Their collection, which includes diverse and genderfluid models, offers many great options for fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, thriller, mystery, and more.

Figurestock Stock Photo Models for Book Covers


Figurestock provides a great array of both contemporary and historical models, including shots with silhouetted lighting as well as group and child photography. Their historical collection is vast, with particular emphasis on on the Victorian era through the 1900s. Their contemporary selections are most suitable for books in the thriller, mystery, romance, coming-of-age, and non-fiction genres.

Arcangel Stock Photo Models for Book Covers


Arcangel is a vast, artistic stock model collection with a platform resembling some of the big-name primary stock image providers. With a range of both historical and contemporary selections, many of which include cover-ready graphics, you are bound to find a high-quality, unique option for your design.

Servian Stock Photo Models for Book Covers

Servian Stock Images

Servian Stock Images provides several unique, high-quality shots for genres spanning fantasy, urban fantasy, historical, and contemporary. Within their collection, you can also find couple images as well as more artistic, cinematic shots.

Period Images Stock Photo Models for Book Covers

Period Images

PeriodImages tackles an interesting niche in the stock model market, with a primary focus on couple shots. From regency romances to modern love affairs, PeriodImages is sure to have quality images available for historical and contemporary romances. Additionally, they offer LGBT couple shots as well as single models for contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy, and historical genres.

Bewitching Book Stock Photo Models for Book Covers

Bewitching Book Stock

Bewitching Book Stock offers models with heavy focus in the fantasy, urban fantasy, and sci-fi genres. Their galleries offer some more genre-specific options, including epic fantasy models and magic academy models.

Stocklarium Stock Photo Models for Book Covers


Stocklarium specializes in a variety of fantasy and urban fantasy female models, offering unique options in both genres that differ from some of their competitors. You can also find great options for contemporary novels as well as some male models in their galleries as well.

The Killion Group Images: Stock Photo Models for Book Covers

The Killion Group Images

The Killion Group Images offers several beautiful options for couple shots, with a focus on historical and contemporary romance while featuring selections for interracial couples as well. You can also find several single model shots for use in fantasy, urban fantasy, epic fantasy, and contemporary fiction genres.

The Reed Files: Stock Photo Models for Book Covers

The Reed Files

The Reed Files have a diverse collection of stock models that cater to multiple genres, spanning fantasy, urban fantasy, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, romance, and thriller. Their most interesting selling point is their couple shots, with options for LGBT couples, interracial couples, and alternative shots. Several great single model shots can be found throughout their galleries as well.

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