Frequently Asked Questions

How do payments work?
For each project, I charge an initial 50% upfront deposit before starting the design process. The remaining 50% payment is due upon completion of the project and is required before final files can be delivered. All transactions are done via, with invoices sent directly from me to your preferred email address. Stripe accepts credit cards, debit, and also bank transfers.

Do we need a contract to work together?
Currently, I do not use contracts but am happy to review and sign a contract if you are interested in providing one before we begin working together.

Do I keep the rights to the finished art / design piece you create?
Absolutely! The finished creative work is yours to use for both personal and commercial purposes. This is under the condition that the work is appropriately credited to me as the artist/designer if and when attribution is necessary. I also reserve the right to share and include the creative work in my online portfolio (including but not limited to my personal website, social media, and art-sharing platforms).

Do you offer discounts for book series?
I certainly do! Feel free to contact me directly for more information.

Do you offer interior formatting?
Unfortunately, I do not offer interior formatting services at this time. However, you are more than welcome to take a look at other deliverables I offer authors on my Author Services page.

I would like my book cover designed, but my formatting and/or editing is not yet complete. How does this affect the process?
Not to worry! For authors who need additional time preparing their book for paperback, I normally start with the e-book/front cover of the design and can proceed with both the formatting and design of the spine and back cover once the author is ready and can provide the cover template based on their final formatted manuscript.

What information do I need to share with you in order to get started on my book cover design?
Please feel free to take a look at my Book Cover Design Services document here for more information.

What is a cover template and why do I need it for the formatting and design of my paperback?
A cover template is a file generated by a provider such as KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), IngramSpark, BookBaby, Lulu, or a similar publishing platform. This template is created using the selected cover size, paper type, and final formatted page count specific to your book, containing all the sizing and guidelines needed by me to lay out the full paperback cover. When generating the template, it is extremely important to input precise page counts and cover sizes to avoid errors once the completed paperback file is sent back and uploaded to your provider. It can be downloaded as a PNG, PDF, or IND/INDD file format. If you are unsure of how or where to obtain the template, I am happy to help.

Uh oh! My page count has changed. How does this affect the paperback file?
Not to worry! A change in page count will make the current cover template invalid, however I am happy to reformat as needed. When a change in page count occurs, please share the updated cover template with me in order to proceed with the reformatting. Unless the shift in page count is substantial enough to cause for a redesign, I can provide additional reformattings free of charge.

How do I credit you in my book / website / social media?
If you would like to credit me, you're more than welcome to acknowledge me as 'Hampton Lamoureux of TS95 Studios.' I appreciate the shoutout!