20+ Free Fantasy Fonts for Your Book Cover

Last Updated: March 5, 2022

Finding the perfect font for your book can be harder than you think. While there are many beautiful fonts across the web, many of these fonts do come with obstacles and uncertainty. Some fonts come with high price tags, direct from respected type foundries. Other fonts that seem free but do not have any clear license may cause issues in the future, causing trouble with their creators and copyright owners.

If you ever feel unsure of your font choices and want options that are both free and commerically available, here are 20 great fantasy fonts that you can safely and confidently use in your next design!


A beautiful font for fantasy and urban fantasy covers, with diverse variations and stylized uppercase and lowercase letters. It also has an antique stroked variation.


With elegant, thin strokes, Qene-G is a beautiful option for urban fantasy, dark fantasy, and both YA and adult fantasy novels.

Mr. Darcy

Classical, Victorian-inspired, and with a hint of fantasy, Mr. Darcy can fit both fantasy and historical covers.


A popular, reliable option for fantasy and urban fantasy covers, Cinzel also comes in a decorative variation for added elegance in your designs.


With more daring swashes, Prida boasts decorative lowercase and uppercase letters perfect for fantasy and romance.


A font that remains decorative enough with hints of whimsy, perfect for fantasy and fairy tale fantasy.

Press Jobs

With great decorative swirls and organic forms that seemed to be inspired by Celtic letterforms and Art Nouveau, Press Jobs is a beautiful option for historical and epic/high fantasy.

Great Victorian

As the name implies, Great Victorian is decorative, historical, elegant, and regal, fitting for fantasy and historical covers.


With a more antiquated, medieval edge to its characters, Metamorphous may be a wise choice for epic and high fantasy covers.

Yellow Magician

A unique font that goes beyond serifs and scripts, yellow magician is a sleek and mystical option differing from typical fantasy font selections.


A decorative, exotic font perfect for adventure and fantasy covers of worlds set in far-away places.

Fairy Dust B

With sharp, whispy flairs that are full of movement, Fairy Dust B is fitting for fantasy and urban fantasy covers.


With a gothic, medieval appeal, Endor may be an adventurous option for dark fantasy and urban fantasy covers. Its styling may also lend itself to high/epic fantasy depending on its use in the design.

Lost Font Family

Lost offers an interesting, narrow design with accented divets; this font is a viable option for historical fantasy and dark fantasy.

Banten Unfamous

While a bit more niche with its edgy, gothic appearance, Bantem Unfamous may be suitable for dark, high, and/or urban/paranormal fantasy.


With thicker strokes and rigid serifs reflecting a more medieval feel, Caudex is a solid option for fantasy and high/epic fantasy covers.


Whimsical, sleek, and a bit organic, belda is a great option for fantasy or fairy tale fantasy covers.


A solid, beautiful font choice with accented capitals perfect for fantasy and urban fantasy covers.


A playful, whimsical option for fantasy and fairy-tale fantasy novels. Milonga may also be a viable choice for middle grade fantasy.

Caligula Dodgy

A versatile font that is classical in style with a bit of age and less refinement, fitting to adventure, fantasy, high/epic fantasy, and urban fantasy covers.


With thicker strokes and stencil-like cuts throughout its characters, Awery may be an interesting option for an adventure, fantasy, or high/epic fantasy cover.

Euphorigenic Regular

This narrow, playful serif font is extremely multi-faceted font, fitting to middle grade fantasy, adventure, historical, and even urban fantasy covers.


With the lack of high-quality narrow serif fonts available for fantasy, Ferrum fills the void with a polished, classic look, perfect for dark and urban fantasy.

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