20 Free Science Fiction Fonts for Your Book Cover

Last Updated: March 23, 2022

When searching for a font for your science fiction book covers, there are a lot of great options to showcase your title. Maybe you're looking for a futuristic font that's sleek and minimalistic, or perhaps a bold, modern sans-serif with just enough edge to suggest an otherwordly experience.

Below, here are 20 great science fiction fonts that you can safely and confidently use in your next design, free and commercially available for your book cover.


Code (also sold as CodePro for its full set) is a versatile font, with bold, geometric forms and a bit of futuristic flare to its bends and edges.


Like Code, CocoPuff is a wider, geometric option, but with stronger points and a mixture of both beveled and smoothed corners in its letterforms.


Arkhip offers a great mixture of geometric and organic forms, with enough character to suggest a sci-fi fantasy.


As the name implies, Unique's font design is a mixture of classic serifs and a futuristic twist, viable for sci-fi fantasy and space opera.


Orbitron features a wide, geometric design in its letterforms.


Much like Orbitron, Pirulen's wide, futuristic design is a versatile option.


Zekton is a sleek option with just enough character to fit a variety of science fiction covers.

Good Times

With a design that mirrors a certain popular space opera franchise, Good Times is a classic, bold, geometric option.


Astro is a highly genre-infused font with bold angles and abstractions on its letterforms, creating a cinematic appeal.


Ultra wide and dramatic, Velekom is a very sleek, modern possibility for a science fiction cover.


Moby is a unique option from the other selections available as it is a chunkier, more modular font that resembles the text you might see on a holographic screen. Its font family also comes with two additional weights.


For a lighter, stroke-based font, Anders can provide a cool look to your sci-fi cover, with a more experimental, minimalist design.

Hello Denver Display

Hello Denver Display is another stroked-based font perfect for mimicking neon-lighting in cyberpunk and video-game inspired sci-fi novels.


More specifically Octin Stencil, this font is a great choice for cyberpunk or potential military science fiction, given its beveled, geometric edges and hard cuts in its letterforms.


For a font with similar effects to Octin, Bravo is a sleek, narrow alternative.


For a narrow, yet bold and tough appeal, Reckoner is a strong choice for grittier, war-stricken sci-fi novels.


While not as stylized as other font options, Graystroke's bold, modular design is great for various forms of sci-fi, including military science fiction and space opera.


With varying weights and neatly placed notches, Monitorica is a versatile font for sci-fi


Clean and narrow with soft curves, Economica is a solid option for your sci-fi novel.

Smooth Elegant

Smooth Elegant is an edgier, digital option fitting for a cyberpunk fiction.


Narrow and modern with small accents, Capsuula is a simple yet sleek option for sci-fi.

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